Services -​Refurbishment/Verbouwing /Reformas

     We found that when it comes to deciding whether to work with an architect or to rely solely on the design skills of an experienced contractor most people tend to think that hiring an architect is going to make for extra costs. ​In our opinion a good architect will make the most out of a house, being able to grasp the possibilities of a house not only through drawing alternatives but also by having a deeper understanding of the possibilities though architectural theory and teaching.
     With our experience we are confident that we can extract the essence of each of the qualities that a client is looking for, and through good design and a clear and open dialogue we will get the client the best living space for their personal needs out of any available budget.
When choosing an architect people like to have an idea of what they can expect from the architect, and what the architect´s fee is going to be... Almost all architects will tell you that this depends on the final building sum, and a few  might be willing to name a specific percentage of the total building cost as their fee.​
In our opinion the client is most served by a clear outlining of what an architect can attribute to the design of their future home, and to what extent they can choose which services they will make use of.
With our design modules we give a clear picture of which services our clients can hire us for, what they can expect and what the costs are going to be.
This way clients are free to choose which service they will require from us, and which responsabilities they are willing to take on themselves.
We can assist the clients from the design fase all the way up to interior decorating, or clients can choose to hire us just for advice, design and/or drawings to later find a contractor and to execute our design under their own supervision.

module 1 -

introduction meeting

free of charge​​

In the first stages of the design process it is essential to assess the parameters for a successful design.

That´s why we prefer to visit the site and walk through the space with the client, take pictures and global measurements and afterwards sitting down together to establish a clear picture of their wants and needs, preferred timeline and budget.

Within one or two weeks we will be able to offer our preliminary ideas for the space using sketches and reference images.

module 3 -
definitive design

detailed  scale drawings

     As soon as we decide on the final design, we will provide detailed drawings to scale of the house.



- plans of both old and new situaction scale 1/100,

  detailed decription of m2 and m3

- detail drawings 1/50, 1/20

-advice on kitchen and bathroom finishings

- optional:  - comparison of materials using 3D sketches

                    - meetings with contractors,

                      kitchen and bathroom suppliers

module 2 -

​plans and sketches

within as soon as 1 week...

   As soon as we agree to move forward together, our design team will start making scale drawings  of the existing  situation (including square meters: very useful when asking for bids for selecting contactors) and we will begin the sketch fase.​​


- plans of existing situaction, detailed decription of m2 and m3

- sketches: 2-4 design proposals, scale 1/100

- optional:  - comparison of proposals using 3D sketches

                    - combinating and adjusting the preferred  solution       

from each alternative


module 4 

overseeing the building process      

module 5  

furniture, distrubution and decoration      

   Of course we are able to supply a hands-on overseeing the building process, the more traditional role of an architect, providing solutions that  for unforeseen issues that might arise during the building fase and in this way insuring that the general design will not be compromised.​(module 4)​

    As we have done in both our public and our private interior designs in the past, we are happy to guide our clients in the finsihing touches.          

   We can establish a design scheme through the use of reference images and 3D images, and we know from experience that our clients have always found it reasuring when we attend meetings with visits to kitchen suppliers, bathroom and furniture stores and even vintage furniture markets .​(module 5)​